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The most beautiful churches ~ in the world

Faith is about seeing God's beauty and mercy, realizing how our life can be amazing with the right attitude. To get that, the best way is to go to church as often as possible, read the Bible and speak to other believers who are religious in order to learn as much new things as possible. You can do that also by visiting some of the most amazing churches in the world, that way you will get to meet new people and see how far they can go to make a building of God look amazing..

Europe is one of the places on Earth where Catholicism came first, it was soon spread and became an essential part of everyone's life. That is why people built churches that are today amazingly old, and one of those is Cathedral of Antwerp. True Catholics will feel this church is quite religious and has a positive and interesting atmosphere. Others will only see the huge space and amazing architecture which still is stunning and worth visiting.

Meteora is a church and monastery, built on a cliff and it name means 'in the middle of the sky' which is quite appropriate, considering it looks just like a place out of heaven. Harmandir Sahib, also known as Golden Temple in Amritsar, India is not a church in the true meaning of the word, but it is a temple open to people of all kinds of religions. The concept is interesting and one thing is certain - the place has something holly and special to it.

You must have heard of Notre Dame, but the Paris one, so in case you have never read anything about the Notre Dame of Montreal, then here are a few facts. This church was built in 1824 but the interior, because of the complexity of the glass structures, was not completed until 1879. And all we can say is that these 55 years more paid off, because it is breathtaking, so make sure to do a few prayers in this church because it is special.