The Presbyterian Churches

Of Crestview and Laurel Hill, Florida

Caring for You Along the Journey of Life

Why we need faith and religion ~ in our lives

It is hard to travel through life without any final destination or goal that one needs and wants to achieve. The believers among you should imagine that, just wondering around, like a headless person, not knowing where you are headed and what your ending will be. That truly sounds horrible and something you would not want anyone to experience, and especially not yourself, but one day, if you are a non believer, you will see that you are doing exactly this.

Without faith and religion there are no explanations about things science has not reached, like what happens to us when we die, is there a part of us that keeps living and leaves our body and what makes us actually live. These essential questions are answered by the three leading monotheistic religions today on the same way, and every believer of these religions understands the answers and lives with knowing that he or she will never truly die. That is one of the reasons why we need faith, but there are others that are not about us and our wellbeing.

With faith we are better persons

Religion teaches us to be good, moral and help each other, but people are those who make up things and make temples like churches and mosques places of anger and hate. A church should be a temple of love, mutual respect and understanding, not a place where we talk how much we hate those who are different. Faith accumulates a certain energy in us, that is, when combined with hundreds of other believers in a church, something that can be felt even by people not having it.

You can visit our Presbyterian churches in Florida at any time and see it by yourself, that we have faith and want the world to be a better place, it the true meaning of those words.