The Presbyterian Churches

Of Crestview and Laurel Hill, Florida

Caring for You Along the Journey of Life

Why people come to ~ church

If you already are a believer and Catholic, or if you want to become one, then you should look around this website a little more, after reading this, and find out why a Presbyterian church is the right one for you. There are many people, and whole families that go to church nowadays, many of them do it for the right reasons, while some of them just go because it is what everyone does. One should first realize the need and then do the act, so make sure to check your heart for the need to go to church first, because that way you will enjoy it and actually want to go again next Sunday.

One of the good reasons to visit a church is the fact that Jesus did it, but not the knowledge that he did it, but the meaning of it. He is the one we should look up to, and as Christ followers, we should make sure we do everything he did, in order to act as similar as possible to him. In Luke 14:6 you will find the proof of Jesus going to church and while you are there, you can continue reading more, it will do you good.

Going to church is a positive example to children, and although the reasons like 'everyone is going', 'that is what they say I should be doing' are essentially wrong, they can be good, because they can lead you to the state when you realize the right reasons. We can't expect from our children to understand and feel the beauty of going to church every week, but with bringing them with us and giving them this good example and experience, they will get it one day.

That is what we encourage our followers to do at the Presbyterian churches, of Crestview and Laurel Hill, placed here in Florida. We also make them understand that every good thing they do, like bringing someone new to join our faith, will be given back to them at some point of this or their next life. Once one of the new ones in our community brought a Houston escort from to a Sunday service. The girl was quite shy and did not know what to do, but soon she realized that no one was judging her and was willing to give her a new chance. After two weeks she became as good of a person as many of us and came to help us every day. You should know that there are many escorts out there so make sure to change their lives, because you can.

People get to know each other at church, they talk there and find out if someone is needing help with anything in life. That is where new ideas are born and where our soul and whole mind are being shaped in the right form with good values and a positive attitude. You should also know that internet cannot give you the real church experience, so stand up and go a real place of God.